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Effective Lighting from Local Refurbishment Builders

Whether building house extensions or undertaking major renovation work, it is important to plan and cater for lighting to ensure you get the most out of your space. As professional recommended builders, ABC Builders also has our own registered NICEIC electricians on our team, and this allows us to safely offer lighting and electrical installation services in Richmond.

While it may be necessary to work around existing fixtures, our refurbishment builders are adept at finding ideal solutions for electricians. Some new structures, such as loft conversions, present a unique opportunity for building contractors to fully personalise lighting with the help of time-served electricians.

Creating a Lighting Plan

When redesigning your lighting, it is important to consider the different uses of the room space and the times of day that people are likely to be in each room. If used for studying, reading, sewing and similar activities, rooms will often require plenty of natural light and task lighting.

If you have specific pictures or plants that you wish to make a feature of, accent lighting is a great option.

As professional building contractors, we create a plan of your property to help determine the best position for lights, fixtures and fittings. If constructing house extensions or loft conversions, we also include the placement of new windows or rooflights into the design.

Types of Lighting

A successful lighting plan has several layers to fully enhance properties in Richmond and Southwest London. Recommended builders, such as those at ABC, will ensure that each room has the most effective and appropriate solution planned to provide the highest standards of comfort and functionality once our electricians come onto site.

Options include:

Natural Light

Good natural lighting allows you to make the most of your home during the day. It can also help save on energy bills because there is less need for artificial light. Loft conversions offer a great opportunity to increase the natural light in your home with rooflights (or Velux windows) too. Windows and rooflights are also ideal additions to single-storey house extensions.

As experienced refurbishment builders, we also enlarge existing windows by dropping sills, as well as utilising light-reflective surfaces and installing French and bi-folding doors.

Ambient Lighting

Also called background lighting, this style replicates daylight and is usually provided by a central pendant light. However, it often creates a bland effect. For this reason, we recommend using a combination of lighting, such as ceiling-mounted bowls, wall lights and lamps for more flexible and interesting lighting.

Our refurbishment builders regularly fit a range of practical solutions as part of a successful renovation or refurbishment.

Task Lighting

Useful for carrying out specific tasks, such as reading, drawing and computer work, adjustable lamps are ideal options which allow you to focus the light on the area you need.

Accent Lighting

Adding depth and shade to general lighting, this style highlights certain possessions such as books, pictures, plants, ornaments and glass objects.

Our building contractors at ABC Builders are adept in finding the most suitable and effective solutions for every home in Richmond. As recommended builders and time-served electricians, you can be sure that all electrical work we carry out meets government regulations and safety standards, and Part P of the UK Building Regulations.

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