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Conversions and Extensions – What is the Difference?

This question is asked quite a lot, and we’re happy to explain. Each comes with several positives, the most important being the additional functionality it offers your household. So, whether it’s a loft conversion in Chelsea or a rear-facing house extension in Fulham, the extra floor space will make your home life considerably more comfortable. This is especially relevant for large or growing families. Our refurbishment builders at ABC Builders Ltd carry out a range of property renovations, alterations and upgrades to provide improved living conditions for our growing number of clients. 

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To convert means to change. In this case, it’s changing one area of your home into another, more functional space. The main distinction between a conversion and an extension is that conversions are relevant to existing rooms or buildings. In other words, converting the attic or loft into a master bedroom suite, the garage into a larger kitchen, the basement into a home gym, or any agricultural outbuildings into granny flats or even a swimming pool. 

With the bones of the structure already in place, our team of renovation and refurbishment builders at ABC Builders can work more efficiently to complete the project at your home. Our work ethic and exceptional results are highly regarded by our clients in Chelsea, Fulham, and the surrounding areas, and our loft conversions are one of our most popular building services.

The Benefits of Conversions

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    Conversions are Quicker to Complete

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    No Additional Space is Required

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    Planning Permission is Not Usually Required

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    The Overall Costs are Less Than Extensions


To extend, however, means increasing your property’s overall size by building on additional areas. This construction method is only available to clients with sufficient room surrounding their existing property, provided they are happy to lose some of it to gain more internal floor space. Boundary walls play a part in whether or not an extension will work, so we advise seeking a professional opinion in advance.

Our renovation and refurbishment builders can build a selection of house extensions to suit your personal taste, property layout, and budget. Whether it’s a single-storey side-return extension in Chelsea or a double-storey wraparound in Fulham, ABC Builders is the company you need as we guarantee outstanding craftsmanship.

The Benefits of Extensions

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    Extensions Add Considerable Floor Space

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    Kerb Appeal is Instantly Improved

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    Market-Value Will Definitely Increase

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    They Also Optimize Existing Interiors

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