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Our Guide to Transforming a Property

When completed to a high standard, house renovations will reap huge rewards. If you find a property with potential, our recommended builders at ABC Builders will bring the materials up to date, replace the fixtures and fittings, and carry out necessary structural alterations. It’s all part of the professional services we offer clients in Fulham, Chelsea and the surrounding areas we cover. We work tirelessly to bring your vision of a dream home to life. 

But there’s no denying that this can be a demanding project! 

Finding the right property is just the first step. You’ll need to budget for costs carefully and settle on a thorough plan and design. Changing your mind halfway through a project is not advised; it can be an extremely expensive mistake. A successful renovation can add value, enhance your living environment, and attract potential buyers.

Putting Your Stamp on an Older Property

Below is our recommended builders’ detailed guide to finding a suitable property and planning each step of the renovation:

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Finding A Property To Renovate

Looking for a fixer-upper in Fulham, Chelsea, or the surrounding areas is the best way to find an affordable property for your renovation project. By purchasing a house below market value, you can design it to suit your requirements or sell up and see a return on your investment. We may need to modernise the materials, repair issues, make structural alterations, or fit a new kitchen and bathroom suite.

Location Is Key

While renovations are the ideal solution for improving the interior of a property, the completed project can only be as market worthy as the area it is in. This is why we recommend factoring in local amenities like schools, hospitals and outdoor spaces when choosing the location for house renovations. A simple stroll around the area or some in-depth research is key to knowing you’ve picked the right place to live in or make a successful sale.

The Value Of An Extension

If space is an issue in the properties you’re viewing, consider whether an extension is possible. Find out if neighbours have extended their home, or measure up the outdoor space to see if the property can accommodate an addition. Converting existing rooms like a garage or loft may also be possible. And either of these projects will create extra living space for the likes of bedrooms, home offices or children’s playrooms, which will all enhance the living experience at the property.

Quality house renovations are a great way to tailor a home to your needs and will drive up the market value of any property in Fulham, Chelsea or the surrounding areas. As long as you consider key factors like those discussed above, the project is guaranteed to be a success. Our recommended builders at ABC Builders are more than happy to help with advice about potential renovations and refurbishments. Just call us today on the numbers below and find out how our range of building services can enhance your project.

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